Your greatest strength... love.

My baby!

Hellooooo :3

I have a new bouncing 2 month old baby that I currently cannot pinpoint the gender's name is Alice!

Say hi to Alice!

Alice is currently hopping around crazily and tossing sawdust everywhere.

Looks like someone is happy. >:D




There have been quite a few people that I have known that text, use phones, turn up their music at high levels, fumble with things, and go all ADD when driving.
Frankly, I wish they would stop.

To comment on vehicles. I never plan on driving, and even though I do know how to drive a car, I won't unless I am in the strongest vehicle made for the road that you can get(a rollbar wouldn't hurt either). >>
You can call me paranoid, and that I shouldn't live in fear my whole life about it.
It's not for the fact that I don't trust my own driving skills.
I don't trust the reckless drivers on the roads.

I have been involved in many car accidents caused by other people, and I have had a couple of friends die in car accidents.
A little over a year ago, was hit by a car driven by a drunk driver when I was crossing the street. And I've been in a few cars that have wrecked while I was a passenger in them.

Some of you may have already seen this video, but if you have not, I suggest you spread the word about it.
Although there have been people questioning if it is too graphic of a video.

The only way a person can even slightly understand if they have not already experienced a devastating experience, is to see and hear it for themselves at the most graphic level possible.
Otherwise, they cannot visualize or imagine that this could happen to them.
Accidents can happen for anyone.
So please, keep yourselves, and others that you know or may come to know, informed of safety in driving.

How did humankind develop the way it did if humanity only started with two people?

I've been thinking about this for the longest time, using the concept that there was 1 man and 1 woman at the beginning of our existence.

Then thinking about the fact they had children and then those children grew up and had children. But taking that fact, does that mean we are all technically brothers, sisters, cousins, etc, also? I thought it was a little strange thinking of it that way, but even then, I can't see how we could have branched out as much as we have unless that man and woman's children continued to populate the earth with their own brothers and sisters from the start of our time.

From there though, how did we develop different races if we were created from two people originally?

I hope I don't sound too weird analyzing it like this. I am just going in circles thinking about how we all came to exist as we are today.


Please try your best to take care of your health.

Everyone is praying for you.

We cannot sleep well because of our concern.

America the Gr.....Love and......What the hell am I doing here?

I know many people will disagree with me on my opinion of American "Culture" and "Society" but...I want to get the hell out of this joke of a country.

Everywhere I go, peoples manners, dignity, opinions, standards...they're all lacking in what is right. The F word being the most used word next to the words "I", "My", and "Me" and pressing lawsuits against people is all the rage.

Expressing your real opinion on something even though it would hurt a person. Or hurting people just cause you think it makes you feel better.Whoring yourself out from relationship to relationship, and judging people for money and materialistic values

I want to be in a country that still has culture, and still holds true to what it is to even be remotely human.

The majority of Americans only live for themselves, they don't give a shit about what a stranger deals with. What you'll hear from them is "It's not my life" or "It's not my problem." "It's just easier if I don't get involved."
Really? You're just spelling out "I'm heartless, self centered, spoiled, wuss-ass that's too lazy and too afraid to involve myself in helping people and doing good for the world cause it would just make me look uncool or awkward to be that different and stand out for being someone of respectable importance"

This group does not have manners when in public and just simply make out and grope each other where everyone can see. They call it "love" or something. Well you know what? It's not for all of you to share with everyone that passes you by.
People that fall into relationships easily and give into relationships easily. Expecting money, sex, friggen life support. That's what the majority thinks when they plan to or get into a relationship.
So many superficial people with no real intentions of actually loving the other person and ready to back out when the going gets rough. "We can always just break it off." ....Right....Why even waste your energy on a relationship if you're planning on possibly breaking it off?

I have held myself back and I'm not "missing out" on anything.
Sure, sex is something that people enjoy. But too many people depend on it like it's the air they breathe and the toilet they sit on.

I'm not one, even past the age of 20, to give myself to someone just because they're a "boyfriend" or a "girlfriend".
Sex is not for just any couple to have. Sex is meant for the person you actually love and trust with all your heart, the person that proves to be worthy of sharing your personal body and soul with you, which would technically be your soulmate in life.
Now mind you if you're not spiritual in any way. And I do not by any means, mean Christian in general. When you have sex with someone, your spirit or let's just say, soul, literally bonds and communicates with that other persons hormones and nervous system.
Your body and mind, even if you don't wanna admit it, becomes attached to that person, even if you two decide to break up. You lose part of yourself. And you become either more bitter towards relationships with people or weakened to many aspects of your social life, and even developing concerns with how you see yourself as a person.

You can deny it all you want.
But really, don't you think you were much happier as a child with curiosity, as a virgin, or when you gave it to the person that you truly loved?

Love is not something that should be broken, so when searching for love, search for the one that will last rather than "trying them all out".
It is not how much money you have, or how physically "gifted" you may be up or down there.
Love is about what makes you feel like your spirit is so free and so strong, that you can climb any mountain, swim through any ocean and most of all, reach for your greatest dreams. That even when saying the persons name, that it comforts you and gives you strength, and you know you can fight another day even without them holding your hand.

Respecting yourself and choosing the right one to love, is the only way that there can be balance in relationships, and to push aside unwanted jealousy and judgements.

So... I dunno about you, but I'm keeping myself for the one that deserves and respects me the most.



Has Compootur Viris forEVUR saiyzed!

Duh compootur iz talkin two me an it goez freeziz over.......iz cant B gud nyewz

A must have.
Even after making sure being cryogenically frozen is checked off on my wish list, theres always tons of other things I just gotta have.
Like a flying car, a humanoid robot that will do all the chores, a rice cooker thats in 18+ languages and will cook bread and cookies too, a full size gundam with an apartment inside instead of getting an RV, a Red Panda and Dinosaur for pets.......

and then theres this..

Yeah, so it's barely in the begining stages but like....omg :D

July 19th, 2009: Horoscope for Leo.

It couldn't get more accurate than this. > 83


Take the more difficult route today -- sure, it could tax your energy to the maximum limit, but in the end it will reward you with a great pride that will feed your ego in a profound and powerful way. Besides, coasting through life is not for you -- you need and relish a unique challenge, and you might be given a very captivating one today. You are learning (slowly but surely) to appreciate the fact that when a goal is too easy to attain, it is not as fulfilling as a hard-won victory.


Feels like Fibro.

Ei.......I've been feeling weird symptoms lately. Kinda, all backed plumbing. XD
It may be because I lost track of the time, and overlapped my schedules when I was taking my medicine and vitamins.

So, I'm going to skip a day on everything and start over on a normal schedule.

Let's hope that's all that's wrong -_-;

Wtf, clown-like horn honking outside randomly >>;......

Y Cover Teaser

This is a couple weeks old, but I thought I'd post it anyways.
Lately, I have been practicing vocal riffs, so when I audition again, I will have more confidence in my abilities.


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