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Your greatest strength...

...is love.

strawberry do you?
5 August
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Holy snap, it's been forever since I've even written in a journal.

Let's see....where do I start?
If I was to go over everything that has happened since I was last an active writer,
that'd take a looong long time.

So...I will just tell you the current happenings.
Back in January, I kinda put Japanese on the backburner and started Korean classes.
It's really the only thing I've been studying along with Screenwriting.

Future goals are to finish the two movie projects I've been working on and to attend a voice,
acting and stunts program in a couple of different schools.

And after that?...
Music and Film is my biggest passion, so of course, that's what I'm reaching for,
despite all of my downfalls and pitstops these past few years. I am writing again,
to rekindle the flame that I once had. It's been flickering for too many years now.

If anyone from the past recognizes me at all, you may have noticed that I'm not who I used to be.
But if you're willing to still consider me as the friend you once had, even if I am not of the same
image or persona, I'll be happy to introduce you to the new person inside.

Although my outlook has changed. My passion has not.

I hope you'll continue to share the passion with me.

~With Love.